CoppaFeel! x ABC Jersey Secondary School RoadShow speaks to 2,000+ Young Islanders


Did you see the Boobettes?

Now that the dust has settled following our recent CoppaFeel!  ABCJersey Secondary School Roadshow, kindly supported by Aztec, we can shout loud and proud! Feedback has been heartwarming, really positive and honestly makes our mission worthwhile: 
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💬 “I felt included”

💬 “I didn’t realise men could have it”

💬 “The stories were so sad. But they also gave me hope and made me think seriously about checking myself more often”

💬 “It’s really scary, but being able to ask questions anonymously made the assembly really interesting and interactive.”

💬 “This is so close to me. I’m definitely applying to be a Boobette myself!”

CoppaFeel! are a UK charity on a mission to raise awareness of early detection amongst young people and we are thrilled to have brought them to Jersey to do their thing; we are so grateful to Aztec for supporting this important trip and of course to Nina Stier from Le Rocquier for helping to coordinate it all. We’ve estimated that the fantastic CoppaFeel! Boobettes spoke to some 2,000+ young people during their trip to Jersey. That’s not including interviews with ITVChannel, BBCJersey and the JerseyEveningPost, which totally spring-boarded our message across the Island! This trip will save lives! Watch our round-up reel here! 👇

We certainly kept the Boobette’s busy during their stay; our open evening saw a number of Islanders coming to check out the presentations for themselves with the chance to speak to some of the Jersey mammography team. We also hosted a quiz night raising a fantastic £1,098! A big thanks to Joseph and team at Hotel Ambassadeur. Also to Romerils for the kind donation of our top prize, Cazenove Capital and Sandpiper for their raffle prizes and everyone who attended for supporting. Ofcourse, a special thanks to Colin Beckford Adams for hosting an evening full of fun and laughter.

Thank you all so much. Please, please – give your boobs the attention they need! If you have any concerns or questions, head to our website where you can find out more or reach out for support.