Bye Bye Double F’s, Every Cloud

How would you describe your initial reactions and feelings when you first received your breast cancer diagnosis?

Sad for my children and family but not surprised as we have a lot of cancer in our family although not breast.

What aspects of your individuality do you feel have been most challenged, changed or strengthened by this experience?

I’ve always be a positive person who just gets on with things, this has probably been strengthened more

Are there specific moments or experiences in your cancer journey that stand out to you, which you would like depicted in the sculpture?

Probably losing my hair and hoping it wouldn’t worry the kids

What has been your source of strength and resilience throughout your journey with breast cancer?

My kids

What does being a part of this exhibition mean to you? How do you hope it might impact others who see your sculpture?

Excellent exposure for a great cause

Touch, Look, Check (TLC)

Give your boobs some TLC to look for early signs of breast cancer.