Slam Bam to Cancer Sam!

How would you describe your initial reactions and feelings when you first received your breast cancer diagnosis? 

Surprise. I had a rash on breast for sometime which I ignored, suddenly hot and swollen had been treated for antibiotics. Quick referral  and biopsy taken. diagnosed the Wednesday chemo started on the 5 days later. Overwhelmed. 

What aspects of your individuality do you feel have been most challenged, changed or strengthened by this experience? 

I have always been independent , being single my challenge was I had to keep doing this for myself. Having suffered with anxiety in the past cancer confronted that, suddenly new people, new routine lots of appointments. 

Are there specific moments or experiences in your cancer journey that stand out to you, which you would like depicted in the sculpture?

I wanted a wild animal print design, not only do I wear a lot of these patterns, but it’s my slightly wild crazy side and shows strength. 

How has your perspective on life and your own identity evolved since your diagnosis?

Take time out and spend more time with friend, and lots lots more travel. Having now done some of my dream destinations. Before, it was all shout saving pennies and working.

In what ways do you feel bravery has played a role in your cancer journey?

Bravery in many forms, from facing the world without hair, keep smiling and laughter made a huge impact to me. I didn’t want anyone crying or feeling sorry for me 

How do you want the world to see you through this sculpture? What part of your reality, character, or experience would you like it to emphasise? 

It’s a crazy whirlwind of emotions, l the fact that’s it’s ok to live flat. No boobs does not mean no fun…. 

What has been your source of strength and resilience throughout your journey with breast cancer?

Friends old and new. Family. And my love of crafts 

What does being a part of this exhibition mean to you? How do you hope it might impact others who see your sculpture?

To highlight  rare inflammatory breast  cancer, it’s aggressive. Treatment always involves chemo, a non skin sparing mastectomy and radiotherapy. It affects the lymph nodes and tissue. No lump can still be cancer. 

Is there a specific message or emotion you want to convey to the audience of this exhibition, particularly to those who might be going through a similar experience?


Touch, Look, Check (TLC)

Give your boobs some TLC to look for early signs of breast cancer.